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Build Your Business On N.P. FOODS with OEM

Updated: Jun 28

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services for your food business? Look no further than N.P. Foods Singapore!

With a team of professional experts and access to leading Japanese technology, N.P. Foods Singapore is equipped to provide the ideal food solution for your business. Our blending service can be used for a variety of powder and liquid products, including coffee, seasonings, flavored oils, and concentrated powders. We can also help source high-quality ingredients at competitive prices through our worldwide supplier network and provide logistics support for importing and exporting to different countries.

But that's not all - N.P. Foods Singapore is committed to safety and quality. We have received numerous professional awards, including SQF2000, ISO/TS 22002-1, FSSC 22000, and HALAL certification, to ensure that our products meet the requirements of different regions globally.

So why wait? If you have a fantastic recipe and are in need of OEM services, N.P. Foods Singapore is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your food business.​

Below listed are the professional awards we receive to ensure its safety and quality while complying with the requirements of different regions globally:


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