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Lemon Pepper Punch Seasoning

Lemon zest, black pepper, and other herbs and spices are used to make the spicy flavoring known as "Lemon Pepper Punch." It gives your potato crackers a zesty, lemony flavor that is ideal for individuals who enjoy a little heat.

Habanero Cheddar Seasonings

Creamy and spicy seasoning! It contain the finest cheese chosen to blend with Habanero that brings out the heat but at the same time not too spicy. Its a well balanced seasoning for Cheese lover that likes it spicy!

Bangladeshi BBQ seasoning

"Bangladeshi BBQ" is a sweet, smokey seasoning produced using a combination of BBQ spices, including paprika, brown sugar, and garlic. It gives your potato crackers a deep, savory flavor that is ideal for people who enjoy the flavors of barbecue.

Habanero and Lime Seasoning

Looking for something that pack a punch in its spiciness and zesty sourness that can awaken your taste bud? Made with fresh habanero with a just nice dosage of lime, that will give you the combination of spiciness and refreshing sourness!

Herb and Cheese Seasoning

This is what you get for combining fresh herbs with strong parmesan cheese! It has a great combination of cream and thyme. With the right dosage, it will keep create a addictive potato chips for your customers!

Garlic Mayonnaise Seasoning

Garlic pungent with strong creamy Mayonnaise taste, this seasoning has good combination of this 2 ingredient, adding some salt to it, this makes a perfect seasoning for potato chips!

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