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Enhance Your Good Friday Snacking Experience with NP Foods' Seasonings

Updated: Jun 28

As Good Friday approaches, NP Foods is excited to showcase three of our highlight products crafted by our dedicated R&D team: lobster soup seasoning, leek oil, and seafood seasoning. With seafood being a traditional highlight of the holiday season, these products are sure to enhance our consumers’ snacking experience.

Lobster Soup Seasoning: Our Lobster Soup Seasoning offers a luxurious taste profile that captures the essence of the sea. Made with precision, it combines the rich, hearty flavour of fresh lobsters with a harmonious blend of herbs and spices, providing a deep umami base complemented by subtle hints of sweetness and a touch of sea salt for balance.

Leek NP II Oil: Next, our Leek NP II Oil adds a unique depth of flavour to any dish. Made from the finest leeks, it offers a subtle yet distinct taste that pairs perfectly with seafood snacks, adding a touch of freshness and complexity.

Seafood Seasoning: Finally, our Seafood Seasoning is a versatile blend of herbs and spices that enhances the natural flavours of seafood snacks. With its balanced combination of savoury and aromatic notes, it enhances your snacks to another level, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

In today's market, seafood-flavoured snacks are increasingly popular due to their unique taste and health benefits. With NP Foods' premium seasonings, snack manufacturers and R&D clients can tap into this growing trend and create innovative and authentic seafood snacks that are sure to please consumers.

Experience the taste of the sea this Good Friday with NP Foods' seafood-inspired seasonings. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can enhance your snacks.

If you possess innovative ideas and desire to blend our seasonings to add unique flavors, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you further information.


Alternatively, if you are interested in our products and said collaboration, feel free to contact us at


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