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Updated: Jun 28

Enhancing Flavours, One Drop at a Time

The secret lies in the meticulous blending of premium ingredients, from the fiery kick of Mala to the exotic allure of Tomyum and the savory depth of Shrimp. Our NP II Oils aren't mere condiments; they are culinary companions that elevate the essence of your dishes. They aren't just ingredients; they're the gateway to a world of rich, aromatic flavors.

Introducing the aroma revolution of NP II Oils: a culinary innovation designed to enhance every dish to new heights of flavor and fragrance. Carefully crafted by our R&D team, each drop of NP II Oil embodies the culmination of extensive research and a deep understanding of flavor origins. From steaming bowls of instant noodles to rich broth soups and sizzling stir-fry dishes, NP II Oil promises to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences. Our oils aren't just about enhancing taste; they're about infusing dishes with rich, complex aromas that stimulate the senses.

From left to right: Mala, Tomyum and Shrimp NP II Oils. 

For those who crave an instant flavor boost, our oils are perfect for snacking. Enhance your snacking experience with the infusion of Szechuan Mala, Tomyum, or Shrimp flavor directly into your favorite dish, like instant noodles. It's not merely about snacking; it's about relishing the rich taste derived from a dish, bringing the restaurant-level experience to your home.

Picture the transformation: a simple bowl of instant noodles infused with the bold flavors of Szechuan mala, rich tomyum, or the delicate essence of shrimp. With just a few drops, NP II Oils instill richness and depth, turning everyday snacks into culinary delights. It doesn't just enhance meals; it lifts up the essence of baked goods through in-dough applications, turning every bite into a flavorful journey.

Experience the richness and depth of flavor that NP II Oil brings to every dish. Join the aroma revolution and discover a world of culinary possibilities with NP II Oils.

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